Mission Statement:

To promote fishing through fishing competitions.

My Story:

I have been fishing Utah waters since a young boy first fishing lakes with my father and brother in the high Uinta Mountains and Scofield lake. At a young age I had the opportunity of floating and fishing the Green River below Flaming Gorge with my aunt and uncle. This trip changed my fishing interests to rivers and it hasn't changed since. For the past fourteen years I have frequently fished the Green River sections A and B. This river is where I can get away and truly relax and enjoy the great outdoors. What I enjoy the most is going to Little Hole very early in the morning before anyone else and fish the lower 1.5 miles of section A or Grasshopper Island of section B. To me these places at this time of day are heaven on earth. I also like to fish the Provo River’s middle and lower sections. River fishing is my passion.

I was introduced to a lure called a White River Zig Jig in June of 2004 that has completely changed the sport of fishing for me. Before fishing with this jig it was not uncommon for me to get skunked on the Green River and or only catch smaller fish. But, since using this jig I have never been skunked on the Green River and catch the best Rainbows and Browns. I was fortunate to have the opportunity of fishing with Richard Cross (creator of zig jigs) in October 2007. This was a highlight fishing trip for me.

I enjoy competition and always looked for a fishing competition that I could join as a non fly fisherman. For the past few years I have been searching for this competition with no success. The only fishing competitions on Utah Rivers are for fly fisherman, outside of my price range and with too many limitations.


I know that the type of fishing competition that I was looking for wouldn’t exist unless I did it myself. After an excellent Green river fishing trip in June of 2010 and during my four hour drive home I started the design of the BIG FISH CHALLENGE.

I purchased my first fly rod at the 2012 International Sportsman's Expo from Hendrix Outdoors and started the fly fishing adventure. I caught my first fish on a fly rod fishing the Provo River June 2012.

The BIG FISH CHALLENGE is a competition open to all artificial lure river fishing anglers. I hope that this is a competition that will help promote the growth of river fishing in the state of Utah and bring fly and casting fisherman together.

Brandon Pack - Host and Founder

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USAC All proceeds of the competition will be donated to Utah Stream Access Coalition