The BIG FISH CHALLENGE is a catch-and-release fishing competition to see which individual angler can catch the three biggest trout in length. This competition is open to all artificial lure fishermen and is an individual competition not team. It is the only river fishing competition in the state of Utah that is open to both a fly and conventional fisherman.

The competition will be held on three of Utah's most premiere fishing rivers:

Provo, Green, and Weber River. Each river will be a separate competition.

Competition Benefits

fish Big Fish Challenge Shirt
fish Chance of winning sponsor provided fishing products
(waders, rods, reels, lures, flies, fishing trips, etc).
Click here to see the 2015 Prize Packages.
fish Additional giveaways to be awarded after competiton
(not based on competition results - must be present to win)
fish Networking with other Utah fisherman.
fish All proceeds of the competition will be donated to
Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC).

BIG FISH CHALLENGE Competition Days and Fees

No events scheduled for 2016

  • Online registrations click here to register.
  • Day of competition check in starts as early as 6:30 am and closes at 9:00 am.
  • Each fisherman will need to check in at the registration booth prior to starting the competition.

Competition Rules
  • Competitors need to follow all Utah DWR rules of the river.
  • Competitors need a valid Utah fishing license.
  • Competitors need to provide all of their own fishing equipment. The competition will lend out a measuring board.
  • This is an artificial flies and or lures only competition. Barbless hooks are strongly recommended for the protection of the fish (smashed or pinched down barbs are acceptable).
  • A fish 12” or longer will be accepted as a BIG FISH catch worthy of judging. Any catch less than 12” will not be accepted. Once the BIG FISH is caught take two digital pictures of the fish.
    1. Fish in the provided measuring board with registration ID in the photo.
    2. Competitor holding the fish with the river seen in the background.
      (see Digital Picture Rules below)
  • Each competitor is scored from the length of their three biggest trout caught during the competition. For tie breaking purposes it is required to have a photo of the five biggest fish caught during the day on the measuring board. Only the top three biggest trout are required to have the two photos (one on the board and one holding it).
  • This is a catch and release only competition. Any fish not released and used for proof of catch will not be accepted and that catch will be disqualified.
    (Click here for best practices for catch-and-release & measuring a fish)
  • When measuring the fish tail pinching is not allowed. If the judge sees that a fish's tail was pinched then that catch will be docked 1/4".
    (many fisherman in this competition fish solo and it is impossible for a solo fisherman to hold the fish on the board with one hand, tail pinch with the other hand and take a photo at the same time. For this reason tail pinching is not allowed).
  • Good sportsmanship is a requirement in the BIG FISH CHALLENGE. Yes, this is a competition and there are some prizes to be won based on results but don't forget that this is a fun competition. This competition is a great opportunity to get out on the river and have a good time with others that share your hobby of fishing. Poor sportsmanship to other competitors, judges, volunteers, private land owners and or host could result in the disqualification of the person in question from the competition.

Digital Camera and Required Picture Rules and Info
This competition utilizes digital cameras to capture the proof of your big fish catch. All participants can use their own digital camera or can borrow one from the competition. If you are planning on borrowing one from the competition please notify us in advance.

Digital Camera Requirements
  • 5 megapixels or better
  • Bring your own download data cables.
  • Camera doesn't require special software to be installed on a computer for data download.
  • If using a smart phone then you have the option of text messaging your photos to the host.

Required Pictures
(Each participant is required to take the following two digital pictures per catch)
  1. Fish in the provided measuring board with registration ID in the photo.
  2. Competitor holding the fish with the river seen in the background.

After you have successfully taken the two required photos then quickly release the fish back into the river.
You need both pictures in order for the catch to be judged and accepted as an official catch. In order to take these photos we recommend that you get assistance. If you are not able to get both photos or have missing elements in the photos as describe above that catch will not be accepted and will not qualify for a prize based on results.
Required Photos
(Blair Tuttle Provo River 2013 1st place winner)
Required Photos
(Cameron Garcia Weber River 2014 1st place winner)

Judging Rules and Info
  • Competitors MUST have their results physically returned to a judge’s booth or in line to be judged prior to the end of the competition (6 pm). There will be a check-in sheet and ALL competitors will need to sign in with appropriate check-in time. If a competitor returns after 6 pm ALL CATCHES for that day will be disqualified.
    (We recommend returning back no later than 5:30 pm to play it safe).
  • Competitors with a fish catch (12" or longer) worthy of judging need to bring their digital camera to the judges booth for the images to be downloaded, reviewed and approved. The judge will review the images and note the length of the fish. If the fish size is between 1/4" marks then the fish will be rounded up to the next 1/4".
  • If fish tail points are not on the same vertical plane then the two tail points will be divided to get the correct measurement.
    (the below fish will get judged at 14 3/4" not 15")
    Required Photos
    (Exceptions to the above rule can be made if the judge sees tail damaged where it is not naturally even.)
    Required Photos
  • Make sure that all fish caught 12" or longer are recorded with the judges. In the event of a tie the other entries could be used to break the tie.
  • The results of the competition will be announced Saturday between 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Anglers do not need to be present to win.
  • Tie Break Rules: If there is a tie then the judges will use the following factors:
    1. Look for additional BIG FISH catches submitted by the anglers.
    2. Review girth, maturity, color, and visible heath of the fish.
    3. If the judges still can’t successfully break the tie then the award will be divided amongst the fisherman in the tie.
  • The judge and or host has the final say on all results.

  • The BIG FISH CHALLENGE is open with all fish photos and displays them on the website for all to see and enjoy. Due to this transparency it may become obvious to viewers that a judge made a mistake in the size of the fish. Mistakes can be made and it is difficult to get sizing correct 100% of the time. All postings are final and sizes can not be overruled.
  • Not all rules and circumstances can be foreseen in all cases of competitive fishing. The above rules have been modified over the years of the competition and will continue to be adjusted as new issues or ideas come up.
  • The judges and or host may need to make difficult decisions and rulings not defined above. These difficult decisions are made with their best judgment and understanding of the situation at that time and how they understand the facts that they have been presented. They may use historical rulings or examples to help with their decisions. Most likely this situation will reflect in adjustment to the rules for future events.
  • Once a competition is over and prizes have been awarded all results are final and these results cannot be overruled.
  • The BIG FISH CHALLENGE reserves the right to use the submitted fish photos to their own discretion.


Weber River Access Rules
Here is a link to a Middle Weber River map with zoom in and out functionality showing access points (red asterisks called stiles or access ladders): MiddleWeber.pdf

If you enter through an access point you can fish up or down the river as far as you don't come across a restricted access indicators (RAI):
  • fence without another stile
  • no trespassing sign or yellow paint on a gate, property corner, public easement i.e. road or stream crossing.
Once you see any of the RAIs above then you are at the end of your fishing access road.

The red line on the river shows property part of the WIA program. To fish WIA you need to register with the DWR and get your own WIA number (

You can also enter the river i.e. from the RV park in Coalville and follow the river up or down until you run into any RAIs described above. Open access is also available to you from Rockport Damn down to the river water spill over (in order to go below the spill over it needs to be clear of any RAIs explained above). There may be additional access points not shown on this map if so then follow the RAIs posted.

Remember the river is fully available to you by a floatation device (boat). You can float the entire river from lake to lake legally as long as you don't drop anchor and or set foot on limited use private property. You have an exception to stepping on private property if your boat comes across a hazard preventing you to continue. In this case you need to quickly get your boat clear of the hazard and back into the water below.

The rules above are the best I have found, from multiple sources at the DWR and TU, to best describe sections of the river that is legal to fish for the public without having to get additional permission from private land owners. Special permission or entering into limited use private property is against the rules of the competition.

Clash of the River Titans

This is a invitational event where the Top 10 fisherman fly and or conventional from the open class events will be invited to show who is the real BIG FISH CHALLENGE champion. There is no charge for those invited to participate.

Competitors are invited from their results and fishing skills displayed from the open class Provo, Green and Weber rivers. Beyond who catches the biggest fish on the open class events judges will be looking for additional factors i.e. number of fish caught, catch size constancy and good sportsmanship. Click here for additional details

Stop the Spread of Aquatic Disease

BIG FISH CHALLENGE is a strong supporter of stopping the spread of aquatic diseases and supports the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with their prevention.

*Click here to find out how you can help.

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USAC All proceeds of the competition will be donated to Utah Stream Access Coalition