Clash of the Titans

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This is an invitational event where the Top 10 fisherman fly and or conventional from the open class events will be invited to show who the real BIG FISH CHALLENGE champion is. There is no charge for those invited to participate.

Competitors are invited from their results and fishing skills displayed from the open class Provo, Green and Weber rivers. Beyond who catches the biggest fish on the open class events judges will be looking for additional factors i.e. number of fish caught, catch size consistency and good sportsmanship.

Competition Rules

General Rules
  • Competitors need to follow all Utah DWR rules of the river.
  • Competitors need a valid Utah fishing license.
  • Competitors need to provide all of their own fishing equipment.
  • Competitors may have an extra rod and or reel as backup.
  • Competitors are responsible for carrying and protecting their own equipment.
  • Eligible fish are all trout species 12 inches or greater.
  • This is an individual competition not team.
  • Respect other anglers.

Scoring Sessions
  • There will be one 6 hour scoring session:
    • Session: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

  • Each angler will be assigned to a Controller for each scoring session.
  • Controllers will be responsible for accurately recording on the competitor's scorecard details of each eligible fish, including the length to the nearest ¼ inch and the time of capture.
  • Controllers will be responsible for warning competitors if any breach of the Competition Rules.
  • Controllers must record any infraction of the Competition Rules.
  • You cannot ask the controller for any fishing advice.

Fish Care
  • Barbless single hook artificial flies and lures only (smashed or pinched down barbs are acceptable).
  • This is a catch and release only competition.
  • The controller must remove the hook, revive the fish and release it, taking care not to damage the fish.
  • If a competitor decides that a fish is ineligible or is undersized, he is not required to net it but must release it in the water, taking care not to cause it any damage, and ideally without touching it.

  • Your will be scored from the three biggest fish caught by a single particiapant.
  • Each fish 12" or greater is worth 100 point plus 10 points per 1/4 inch length over 12"; the recorded length will be rounded up to the next complete 1/4 inch for scoring purposes.
  • The length of a fish which is under the eligible size will not be rounded up, so such a fish will not be scored.
  • If a competitor wishes a fish to score, they must land it in a net and pass the fish in the net to the controller for measurement and recording. If the competitor is in the water they will have to carry the netted fish to the controller that is standing on dry ground.
  • For measuring purposes, the length will be from the tip of the nose to the tail (see How to Measure a Fish below). Each controller will be provided with a Hawg Trough for measuring.
  • Only fish hooked in the mouth area, i.e. in front of the rear edge of the gill cover, will be eligible.
  • In the event of the loss of a fish by a controller before measurement, the competitor will be awarded the average of the points for all valid fish taken within that scoring session.

How to Measure a Fish

*the above information was taken from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources' 2010 Fishing Guidebook

  • You can fish from Deer Creek Damn downstrem to Olmstead diversion.
  • If a fish is caught while you are standing in the water you will have to net the fish and walk it back to the controller on dry land.

  • No photos will be required in the competition.
  • The competitor can ask the controller to take a photo for them.
  • The camera will have to be provided by the competitor and the controller is not responsible for any damage done to the camera.

Competitors under 18 years
If the competitor is under 18 years old then a parent, guardian, or trusted friend needs to stay with them throughout the day. This parent, guardian, or trusted friend can’t assist the participant in regards to fishing at any time.

  • The competitor with the most points scored will be titled champion of the event and will be awarded a BIG FISH CHALLENGE champion hat and a trophy wall plaque.
  • The winner of the competition will be announced after all points have been counted and qualified by the controllers and host.

Event Schedule
06:00 am: Check-in and Controller assignment
06:30 am - 07:00 am: Prepare for competition
07:00 am - 1:00 pm: Session 1
01:30 pm: Return back to check-in base camp
02:00 pm - 02:30 pm: Awards Ceremony

Competition base camp

Vivian Park

Provo Canyon Rd

Provo, Utah

Clash Of The River Titans 2012

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USAC All proceeds of the competition will be donated to Utah Stream Access Coalition